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New place with an Epic View

I am living in my new place! Been here about a month and settling in fine. The back to front to back storms we’ve been experiencing hit my place especially hard as it’s on the cliffs overlooking the ocean but … Continue reading

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Managing The Monarch: A Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Read Chuck Wendig’s blog. He’s fun and informative. This is one of his flash fiction challenges, due today. I got Gothic and Creature Feature. Here she be.   MANAGING THE MONARCH   The Monarch used to be a nice place. Mark … Continue reading

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Enhanced Dictation

I’ve upgraded my Mac’s OS to the new El Capitan. Probably the last time they’ll let me update before my laptop is declared legally extinct. One of the perks of the new OS is the Enhanced Dictation feature. After hours … Continue reading

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Cold Readings and Local Legends

  I trained a new girl in town on the job for one day last week. She hasn’t come back but while she was there, we had some great conversations. She’s young (25) and charming and has a knack for making … Continue reading

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Still plugging along

I’m still plugging along. Writing but in a bit of a funk. Family and financial issues currently taking up a lot of room in my brain, crowding out more creative endeavors. Our landlord has put the house up for sale (again) … Continue reading

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The Scapegoat Suicides (6): Reed, Croft, and the Narc Nock

Reed planned to skip out quick while her partner wrapped up the scene. He was better with the nitty-gritty stuff and more well equipped to handle humanity in general. She swung her leg over the saddle and settled onto the … Continue reading

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The Scapegoat Suicides (5): Reed and Smith and Death by Misfortune

His partner was a head case and he was okay with that. He’d worked with far more dangerous souls in ‘Nam and, while Reed was heavily armed, her detective status kept her relatively free and clear of active violence. An … Continue reading

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