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The View from Limbo

I am currently homeless. The situation sucks and doesn’t suck at the same time. I am staying at the Inn until my new place is ready. The view from my room is amazing and I have worked out an equitable … Continue reading

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The White Lipped Frog

When H1 and I came home the other night, we noticed that H3’s white-lipped tree frog looked mighty sick. His body was caved in and it seemed his insides were sliding out his backside. We were horrified and contemplated ways … Continue reading

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Eye of the Hawk

I am chugging along. I appreciate the characters I work with and I appreciate my housemates for letting me drink their booze when I’m broke. “It ebbs and flows,” H1 said as she poured me a glass of her wine. … Continue reading

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The Deal Breaker

I pulled a coffee mug out of the cupboard this morning. Me: May I use this cup? Housemate: I don’t think so, Trekkie.

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