About Violet Graves

To those who have stumbled across this site by googling my name, you should know that I am not the hockey player’s wife.

I jumped off the corporate ladder two three years ago (wasn’t much of a drop, I’ll admit) to pursue my life-long dream of writing for a living. I moved from the big city to a town so small that the lot of us could fit in a high school auditorium and still have room for both teams and the band.

Being middle-aged and realistic, I got another job but made sure the work would stay at work and the schedule would allow for great swathes of writing each morning. I never got around to finding a spouse to support my madness so I basically split myself into my own ‘better half’. The writer gets up every morning around 4am (ideally) and writes for several hours in the comfort of her skivvies. Around nine, the housekeeper slips into more appropriate attire and cleans hotel rooms to pay the bills.

The writer appreciates all of the housekeeper’s hard work. The housekeeper appreciates all of the writer’s writing. The housekeeper has mentioned that she doesn’t expect to be a housekeeper for much longer and that, while the oceanfront view from every room of the hotel is nice, watching the waves while plunging a toilet is not as romantic as it sounds.

The writer has made assurances and reminded her that writing is more an art than a business and that she should, perhaps, stop judging progress by word count and, as well, stop bragging about how one day the writer will be rich and famous enough to buy that house on the hillside and fill it with people to clean the toilets for her because it’s embarrassing when she does that. Writing is not about the money.

The housekeeper reminds the writer that she’s sick of that artist bullshit and says, “I’m not scrubbing dog piss out of industrial carpeting because it’s bohemian, you sanctimonious twat. It’s about money when I pay your editor. It’s about money when I pay your illustrator. I expect you to take this shit seriously. My money is footing the bill for your dreams, so stop hitting snooze until six.”

No, I’ve never been diagnosed as such. Why do you ask?

My first loves are science fiction and urban fantasy and that is what I write.


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