Enhanced Dictation

I’ve upgraded my Mac’s OS to the new El Capitan. Probably the last time they’ll let me update before my laptop is declared legally extinct. One of the perks of the new OS is the Enhanced Dictation feature. After hours of download time, I can now speak and the computer will spell it out for me. I’m not doing that right now because I have a cold. When you have a cold, the dictation gets a little wonky. Here is a little sample of roughing out an idea through dictation with a stuffed nose. I refrained from correcting things:


Bliss filter stomach drop when she saw her landlord standing in the shade of the porch, one hand lifted to knock on the glass pane. Diggity stop it stop scratching and licking. Tanner never drop by unannounced and the expression on his face did nothing to soothe her anxiety. Is down move down
Quote quotation” good morning Tanner, in quotation” delete that. Said bless, trying to hide the tremor in her hand by clutching the edge of the door.” Is everything okay.”?.
“no,” he said simply delete that without preamble.” I’m here to serve you an emergency eviction notice. Usually, this is something I would have the sheriff do but, we go way back, You and die, that I felt this was something I did doing person.” He lifted the clipboard and turned it around so she could see the paper tap to the face.” You need to be out at the house by the end of the day. I’m sorry, bliss. Capitalize bliss capitalize bliss fuck you LOL her to capitalized that no problem


Suffice to say, the dictation feature will be reserved for when I need to go hands-free, such as when I’m folding laundry at work or too drunk to navigate the keyboard.

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Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance www.violetgraves.com
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One Response to Enhanced Dictation

  1. A friend once sent me a long email he had dictated (without including punctuation) then hit send apparently without checking the results. It read rather authentically like the manic ramblings of someone who’d gone off the deep end. I’ve never tried dictating, for fear of results like yours, but yours are at least quite funny.

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