Still plugging along

I’m still plugging along. Writing but in a bit of a funk. Family and financial issues currently taking up a lot of room in my brain, crowding out more creative endeavors. Our landlord has put the house up for sale (again) and as our little Cove is becoming popular with outsiders, houses are being snatched up. Rentals are near impossible to come by but, with local ears to the ground, we should be able to find something.


EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION: bitch moan bitch moan whine poor me but otherwise everything is good.

Summer is coming.

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance
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2 Responses to Still plugging along

  1. Summer IS coming, and it’ll be glorious. Stuff always works it’s way out, have you noticed? Seldom in exactly the same way you thought it might, but worrying abut “how” is pointless anyway. Just let it happen. Later, when the funky stuff clears up, you’ll write about it. And laugh, of course, but the great part about laughing is that you don’t have to wait for later. You can always start now.

  2. I laughed this morning and it was glorious. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Everything is good. And the weather is fabulous.

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