Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

No, I’m not posting my resolution to write more on my blog. I get about five unique visitors per day, a percentage of which are bots trolling for hits and quickly abandoning their search when they hear only crickets. So there’s no pressure to perform at this juncture. I’m cool with that.

I’m transitioning. It’s taken me three years of living in this cabin on the coast to realize that I do not know what the heck I am doing. But I’m figuring it out. Right now, I’ve got the grunge that’s traveling been around the Cove and for some insane reason I agreed (last week) to work on this holiday morning. Before I got sick. So now I’m sucking on Nyquil, hacking up phlegm, drinking Darjeeling tea, and mentally preparing myself for a full day of Inn cleaning and kicking myself for offering up my services on what would usually be my day off. I’m not in my happy place right now.

But I am happy. Broke as shit but happy.

The offerings I have for sale on Amazon are coming down soon. Not permanently. They simply need to be reworked. I put my toes in and liked it but I’m tired of treading water. I’m going to pull myself back on to the dock and take a good look at the future of my writing.

The future is good and so is the present. The past is a bit fuzzy. I live in Humboldt County, after all.

I will be putting the polished (and finished) version of the Supernatural Fan Fic I wrote up and will probably be writing more of those. That one gets the most hits, despite the missing last chapter. Seems people like to see the Winchester brothers get naked.

I have no idea what this new year will bring. I’m assuming it will be cool.

Hope you are doing well.

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance www.violetgraves.com
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