Life is Good

Things are looking up. A former staff member has returned and two more people have signed on and shown up for their shifts more than once. Yay! I am deep into my second day off in a row and loving it. Wrote only 1000 words this morning because I had to catch up on some major housecleaning but they were good words and my writing space is almost livable again.

I’ve tapped an amazing artist to illustrate The Sublime Detectives novel and I hope it works out well for the future of the series. Novels don’t really need illustrations but I love seeing the vision of another. I discovered this longing when I started writing plays back in the 90’s and watched directors and actors bring the stories to life.

Blew. My. Mind.

I thought I would be clingy and whine about my ‘vision’ of the plays but I found myself watching every performance in awe. The input of others brought things to life that I did not know had existed. The actors stood the characters up, lifting them from the 2nd Dimension into the 3rd and filling their lungs with breath. The directors created the 4th dimension, the time and space within which the characters could live. Amazing stuff.

I’ve written, directed, and performed in my own work. I’m a good writer, an okay actor, and a shit director. I know my limitations. I love to write. I need others to bring the work to life in other formats. I appreciate their talents and I live for the moment I can hand off a project and sit back to see the results. 

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance
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