Writing Schedule Blues

My writing schedule has taken a bit of a blow with the new job. Two of my three co-workers have left  due to health issues. That leaves me and one other person to manage the housekeeping of an 18 room inn. This means I have had one day off in the past four weeks and I am scheduled to work for the next ten weeks with no days off. In China, they puts nets around the factories to catch the jumpers who wake up one morning and realize they live in an endless cycle of Mondays. I’m not ready to jump but I sure am contemplating the alternatives. The owners are good people and throw money at us to keep up the hard work but, while money can buy groceries, it cannot buy the time to drive the four-hour round trip to the affordable grocery store. So, I am writing in the wee hours of the morning and trying to keep up with the stories in my head but there will be some serious delays. It is frustrating but I’m going to keep the faith. I’m banking on survival, since I’m in survival mode, and I believe that this, too, shall pass.

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance www.violetgraves.com
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