New Cover

Well, crap. I made a new cover for “The Master Key” and after it went up, I could see errors where there were none before. I don’t know if I loaded up a previously saved version or if turning it into a .jpg skewed some parts but… argh. I’ll have the non-messed up version up in a few days. Soon, I will be able to afford a cover artist! Yay! Original Artwork! They will bring the characters to life. Stock images are great but I want to see my fictional peeps!Working Master Key Merged
You can see white-space to the left of his head (facing him) and also on the right, by his left elbow. It’s been fixed but uploading to Kindle will take some time.
I will say, that young man looks a lot like I imagined Dimitri to look. Down to the tie.

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance
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