Flash Fiction: Glad You Called

I should have known that I could have flown. It was so obvious.

All of those coincidences.

Thinking of someone and they call.

Hearing a word, something weird – like Oregonian – at least three times in one day in unrelated ways.

A series of numbers popping up, over and over again, on the clock, on the odometer, in a random phone number, or rung up on a cash register.

The sheer ridiculousness of everything should have been a give-away as well.

Creationism. Genetically Modified Organisms. The Kardashians. Tiny little dictators. Trickle Down Economics.

These were irrational situations that I believed to be real because I wasn’t paying attention. I should have counted my fingers and toes but I didn’t think to do that because I accepted the reality, like I always do, when I am there.

Looking back on it, in those fleeting moments when the images were still strong before reality blew them away like a breeze through chaff, I thought, “I should have known…”

I didn’t even think of trying to fly. I wish I had. I like to fly.

Woman Using Vintage Phone

Oh, hey. I’m glad you called.
I was just thinking of you.
I had the weirdest dream.

About Violet Graves

Writer of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Sex with a Vengeance www.violetgraves.com
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